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Whenever it is announced that a woman will take over a position in power, men can act very predictably, which is why we need more women in power. Any time a man criticizes a woman who is running for a public office, they are reacting with sexism. Equality is an essential aspect of moving in the right direction because of different points of view and we need more women taking over the education system.

While there are plenty of female teachers, they have a harder time becoming principals and have to work a lot harder than their male counterparts to get into that position. According to a study with the AASA, at least two-thirds of all superintendents and principals are all men. Although cities with female superintendents seem to be slowly rising, it still isn’t enough to make things equal.

Another thing that needs to occur is having women of color represent their community’s educational forefront. Unfortunately, according to the same study, African American women are not appropriately represented within the education system, although there have been improvements over the last few years.

Additionally, women are paid a lot less in positions of power than their male counterparts. If you are a woman and gunning for a superintendent position, you are going to have to pay your dues. But be sure to have an open dialogue about getting proper compensation. You should do your research and see just how much superintendents are paid in your area.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day was observed this month to cement that black women have had to work until August 13, 2020, to get precisely what men got by the end of 2019. Income inequality within the education system is also something that women must face and overcome. It could also be a reason why women don’t gun for positions of power within the system because it merely takes a lot longer to get the payment they deserve.

While getting what you deserve in the workforce is hard for women, the fight is worth it. If you are discouraged from becoming a part of the education system, do not fret. There have been improvements, and eventually, we will get there if people like you continue to be a part of that field.