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New product promotion can be done in different ways because of the many options available. However, some methods are confusing, thereby, interfering with the results. These methods vary depending on the audience, offerings, and industry.

Offer a preview to the loyal consumers

In product promotion, loyal clients should be prioritized because they can buy and advertise it to other people. Therefore, one can launch a digital tour, demo, party, or a preview to them. The customers can be invited to test the new product and raise insights. These unique offerings constitute proper engagement strategies that also fortify their value to the business.

Have a Distinct Introductory Offer

Many businesses just announce new products and wait for potential customers to buy. An introductory deal can advance the new products in the market by taking forms like; reduced package, discounted pricing, joint promotion, coupons, gifts, among others. However, customers should be informed about promotion expiry to test the new product, and ones with limited purchasing power will rush to enjoy the offer.

Organize a social media competition

Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter contests are exciting methods of interacting with consumers, therefore, bringing them closer to the business. In every campaign, Facebook competitions attract over 30% of new customers. The giveaway winners on different social media platforms get new offerings, gifts, or discounted rates. The contests should be announced in all the marketing mediums including; emails, websites, paid ads, and newsletters. More social media engagement will trigger heightened website traffic, draw more customers closer, and connect more with the audience.

Use Email

Over 80% of customers learn about new products from email marketing. Seventy-six percent of them make purchasing decisions out of the detailed product description given. Email messaging facilitates more signups to the campaigns.

Use blog posts

New products do not require landing pages where customers can go to. Instead, new offerings can be introduced as upgrades on existing accounts or platforms. This way, the new product can be seen by the existing consumers or re-engage them to trigger more sales. A blog post describes the benefits, details, and characteristics of the new product.


New product promotion differs depending on the audience’s preferred channels as well as their digital behaviors. Therefore, one should use different platforms for consistent messaging to all potential customers.