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While time management is important, managing energy carries a higher priority. In essence, time management is a means of controlling external circumstances, such as how we utilize the hours within a day. This mainly relates to checking off a to-do list and completing various tasks. However, energy is infinite and the way we manage it determines whether we carry out those external tasks with a sense of elevation or depletion.

In order to manage our energy, we must first be aware of what impacts it. How we feel about other people, places, and things determines whether our energy is vibrating at a higher or lower level. Therefore, awareness of and attention to emotions is the first key to managing energy. This includes asking simple questions such as “How does this make me feel?” and “Why do I feel this way?” Once we discover what we feel and why we feel it, we come to the next step in managing our energy.

The second thing that must be done is to act in accordance with the awareness and emotions we experience. For example, if a person or task makes you feel drained, either eliminate the interaction altogether or find a way to limit the time spent on it. If a certain conversation detracts from and pulls on your energy, either do not have it or find a graceful out. In other words, we must learn when to say no, and when to walk away. When we say “no” to the things that deplete our energy, we are in fact saying “yes” to the things that contribute to it.

Third, engaging in and completing activities that raise our level of vibration is essential in energy management. This can include exercise, meditation, keeping a gratitude journal, or pursuing hobbies that evoke passion. When an individual participates in enjoyable activities that make them feel good, their level of vibration is naturally raised. When we act in alignment with our value system, natural joy and abundance are experienced. It is this abundance mentality that fosters growth and elevates our energy to a whole new level. If time management techniques do not seem to be working, then try managing energy instead and observe the ensuing transformation.