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Research has shown that men and women often have differing leadership styles and approaches when it comes to building successful teams. In an industry largely populated by men, women in the business world can utilize a specific type of leadership that many fellow female leaders have found to be highly effective. 

Known as “transformational leadership,” this management style focuses on motivating employees, boosting morale and, thus, job performance, all while collaborating with teams to identify existing problems and find solutions. To use this type of leadership to your advantage, consider some of the following strategies when working with your team and company as a whole.

Value Personal Development

Obviously, the overall goals of a company are extremely important and something all employees should keep in mind. However, as a manager, a key concept of transformational leadership is placing a tremendous amount of value on your employees’ personal development. This should be seen as a stepping stone to achieving those larger goals. Serve as a role model to those you are managing and to your peers, schedule a significant amount of time for coaching your employees, and support teamwork and collaboration.

Lend a Hand

As stated by, “transactional leadership” is the opposite of transformational. This is a management style in which leaders take a more hands-off approach and bark out instructions with little guidance; one that does not value the development of employees. Without a personal touch and sense of care in your leadership style, you as a manager are nothing more than a boss.

Women in leadership positions must display both strength and sensitivity. Give your employees direction and set high expectations, but help them along the way when it comes to taking care of their individual responsibilities and growing professionally.

Deny Stereotypes

There is an unfortunate association with women in positions of leadership; one that declares them as “bossy” and rude while men demonstrating the same behaviors are often  deemed as luminaries. This results in less women pursuing careers in management. Luckily, more and more business owners are rejecting this stereotype, which is exactly what women in the working world should do as well. 

Get rid of the word “bossy” from your vocabulary and directly address this stereotype with your team to dispose of the mantra entirely. Establish yourself as a strong, confident leader not labeled merely by gender.