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No matter the company, leadership is eternally valuable. A great leader can keep the team moving forward to be their best. A bad leader can create a tense workplace and distract employees from putting their best foot forward.

Even those leaders with the best intentions can make grievous mistakes. There are a few common mistakes that even the most experienced leaders make from time to time. Knowing what they are and how to avoid them is key.

Poor Delegation

Some leaders follow the “lead by example” mantra. That, to them, can mean taking on as much work as humanly possible. That is one way to motivate but it also shows a lack of trust in the rest of the team. Simply put there is nothing wrong with delegating.

Businesses fail when leadership takes on too much and fails to perform their tasks as they are meant to be performed. Finding ways to delegate tasks – according to interest and skill – can be incredibly beneficial.

Poor Communication

Even the best-laid plans can come crumbling down if communication is ineffective. Teams require feedback of both the positive and negative variety. Some leaders tend to focus only on the negative and it can wear on a team.

Open communication is important. Listen to complaints. Dish out compliments. Keep that line open and employees will know they are heard. That is all that it takes to keep employees from feeling disgruntled and ignored.

Too-Hands-Off or On

Most leaders are either way too hands-off or way too hands-on, micromanaging their employees to death. The best leader will know how to toggle between the two based on the patterns and mood of their team.

Moreover, not every employee is the same. Whereas a hands-on approach may work best with one employee, it may create tension with another. Knowing your team and how they best operate allows for a more flexible approach. Utilize that flexible approach to find the comfort zone between too-hands-on and too hands-off.