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No matter what industry you look at, it’s easy to see that women in leadership roles are making a difference and becoming more influential with each passing day. Whether it be business, politics, civil rights, the environment, or practically any other area you can think of, women are growing in strength and popularity and show no signs of slowing down in their quests to make the world a better place. With so many amazing female leaders out there, it’s hard to spotlight every single one, so here are a few of the most influential female leaders making a difference today.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (commonly referred to as AOC) won her spot in congress back in 2018, she did two incredible things: she beat out Joe Crowley – a Democrat who held the spot for 10 years – and, she also became the youngest woman to ever be elected to Congress at the age of 29. 

AOC is constantly hard at work trying to make America a better place to live for everyone and has been heavily involved in the Green New Deal, which is meant to tackle climate change amongst other social issues such as economic and racial injustice. With so much passion for making the country better for her fellow citizens, AOC has earned her spot on this list and has only just begun her incredibly selfless work within the United States government.

Melinda Gates

Based on the last name alone, you likely know who Melinda Gates is. What you might not know is how highly influential she has been alongside her husband, Bill Gates, the well known Microsoft cofounder and billionaire. Before Melinda met her husband, she was a product manager at Microsoft. During her time here, she worked on various projects, with one of the most successful being Expedia, a budget-friendly travel resource. 

Melinda went on to form various foundations including the William H. Gates Foundation, which would eventually become the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at providing technology to those who couldn’t afford it, as well as working towards solving global poverty and health issues.

Jessica Meir and Christina Koch

If you haven’t heard of Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, they are the two astronauts that led the first all-women spacewalk for NASA back in October 2019. Due to not having spacesuits available in appropriate sizes for women, Jessica and Christina’s mission had been delayed for several months. This didn’t stop them from reaching their goal though, however. In the end, Meir and Koch got to spend seven whole hours outside the International Space Station replacing the BCDU, which is used to charge the space station’s batteries.